OHR Department Code Change Request

Departments must submit department code change requests by completing this email form at least two weeks prior to the effective date of the change. OHR Data Management will evaluate the position impact and contact the department to schedule position movement if needed.

  Requestor     Approver
(Dean Level or Dean Designee)
Job Title:   Job Title:
Purpose of Request:
  New Department Code(s) needed
  Moving VP Areas
  Change Dept Status to Inactive
  Change Dept Name or Dept Code attributes such as Mail Code or Location

Old Dept Code
Old Dept Description/Name
All or # of Positions to be moved
Effective Date
New Dept Code
(If Known)
New Dept Description/Name
Mail Code

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requests submitted with missing or incomplete information may result in processing delays. The submitter and approver of the change will receive an email notification from Bridgot Allcott when the change is completed.

Version 1.0

Questions?  Please contact Bridgot Allcott at Bridgot.Allcott@asu.edu or at 480-965-0460
or James Nichols at jani@asu.edu or at 480-965-1929.